Why Your Child Should Train at SBGi

Do you have a child age 3-13? Are you Looking for the best martial arts for kids?

If so, keep reading because you are about to learn exactly how Portland’s oldest & most prestigious Children’s Life Skills & Martial Arts Academy can benefit your child, and give them the skills needed to live a happier, healthier more confident life!


Here Are Over 50 Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider Trying SBG’s Life Skills & Martial Arts Program The best martial arts for kids:

Dear Parent,

If you’re thinking about getting your child involved in martial arts, then you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you.

Here’s why SBG has the best martial arts for kids

If I told you there is a proven youth martial arts program in your area that can help your child increase self esteem, improve behavior, get in great shape, have fun while learning practical anti-bullying self defense and life skills, get more focused and lots more, would you be interested?

If your answer is “Yes,” then I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and my Kids Martial Arts & Life Skills Program that has lots of parents from the Portland/Vancouver area raving about the positive benefits our program has to offer them and their children.

My name is Matt Thornton and I’m the founder of SBG International, and the Head Instructor for the SBG Academy in Portland Oregon, the oldest Academy of its kind in the State; and I’d like to PROVE to you what our Kids Martial Arts & Life Skills program can do for your children. But before I give you a list of some of the benefits our program offers, take a look at what some of our happily-involved parents and students have to say about the best martial arts for kids…


Ive been here for a year and Oscar has been coming in with me for a while, he would watch the training and it was actually his decision to start. He loves it!” -Paige W

Nancy Y

“The kids program at then SBG Academy has been great for my son. It has helped his focus and he has made some new friends! He likes that he is learning self defense, and how to fall and roll. Thanks Straight Blast!” – Nancy Yeo

Luis T

“The kids program has helped my daughter with her self confidence and has also helped release wiggles after school. She’s having lots of fun. She’s learning in a physical and cerebral way that she can recount what she learned in class and also show me at home afterwards.”

– Luis T

Misty R

“Jupiter began at SBG last year when he was 9 and starting to get fat! Over the past year, he has gotten enough exercise to turn his weight issue around. Plus, he loves it! When I see him warming up on the mats or joyfully grappling with one of the other kids, I know that he is both healthy and happy.” – Misty Reynolds


The SBG Children’s Competition Team. A Family orientated organization, with healthy training fo every-body!

Now that you’ve seen some of my proof, I want to show you a list of the positive benefits our kids and parents who are involved with our program are getting, as well as a little bit more information on who we are, and who will be personally coaching your own children.


Matt Thornton began teaching Functional Martial Arts in Portland Oregon over 20 years ago!

He was the first person in the State of Oregon to receive his black belt in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A Martial Arts style made famous by the Gracie family.

For over two decades SBG has been Oregon’s first, and best, practical Martial Arts academy.

However, the emphasis was always on our world famous adult program. In 2012 Coach Thornton decided to invest his time and energy into building thebest martial arts for kids in the Pacific Northwest!

To accomplish this he enlisted the help of his first BJJ black belt to come out of his own Portland Academy, Travis Davison.

Coach Travis is a BJJ black belt multiple gold medal champion. A father of four children, all of whom are happy & active BJJ competitors themselves. And the creator of the most succesfulChildren’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in the Pacific Northwest.

By now you probably know about SBG Founder Matt Thornton, and his more than impressive biography. What you may not know is that over the last several years Matt has been traveling the world, researching and developing a children’s program that would be unequalled in the Martial Arts world. He wanted to create something different from the typical militaristic style children’s martial arts program. As a father of four, Matt knows what concerns parents like you. And the program Travis Davison developed for teaching children Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Life skills is second to none!

In Winter 2012 the program was unveiled, and SBG, widely known as the best Martial Arts facility in the Pacific Northwest for adults, also became the premier location for safe, healthy, positive, and practical martial arts makeing the best martial arts for kids…

“What Can Martial Arts Give My Child That Other Things Can’t?”

That’s a question we get all the time from concerned parents. Our answer to that is simple. What sets martial arts apart, particularly our specific program designed for kids, is that it teaches a variety of “life skills” and focuses a lot on “character building” not just the flashy punches and kicks you might see in a lot of TV commercials or movies.

The physical skills and attributes your child will develop will continually improve because our system is on-going, not “seasonal” like most sports. See, the problem with a lot of other sports is that they only teach the physical and don’t really get much into the mental and life skills part of development. Martial arts doesn’t just “stop and start” – it is a continual process of development to build success in all areas of life.

Our system is about a lifestyle, one that makes kids better people overall – on the mats and off the mats – developing “Champions In Life.”Take a look at what your child will get by being a part of our team…


Travis Davison with some of the happy kids from his SBG Children’s Life Skills & Martial Arts Program.

Here’s a list of over 50 benefits your child will receive just by being a part of our program the best martial arts for kids

üConfidence (A confident child is an unstoppable child.)

üSelf esteem (Your children will feel good about themselves.)

üPeer pressure avoidance skills (Your children will have the courage to say “No” to dangerous activities.)

üMotor skills (Your child will have improved coordination and agility.)

üPractical self defense skills (Your child will learn how to handle bullies. What we teach actually works, unlike most traditional martial arts which wont work against bigger, meaner kids, and may in fact get your child hurt.)

üLife skills (functional knowledge they can continue to use as they get older, and for the rest of their life.)

üDiscipline (Being able to do the right thing)

üPersonal development (Your child will be developing and improving each and every class.)

üAcademic success (At SBG we place a high value on this. Your children will actually want to work hard to improve their grades.)

üA healthy lifestyle (Your child will learn how to get fit and stay strong and active.)

üTons of fun (Your child will have a lot of fun while learning important mental and physical skills.)

üA positive learning experience (Your child will learn how to embrace positive things while avoiding negative things.)

üBetter manners (Things as simple as saying “Yes sir” and “Yes Ma’am” to saying “Please” and “Thank you.” At SBG learning we teach kids how to carry themselves with dignity.)

üPositive outlook on life (Positive children succeed much more than negative children. A positive outlook can be backed by evidence, rather than just wishful thinking, once the child learns to develop the habits needed for success.)

üMindset (Striving to do the right things in and out of school.)

üFocus and concentration (Your child will pay attention more in class, during conversations and while doing school work.)

üMore energy (Effort directed at the right things, and the right times)

üTeamwork skills (How to get along well with others, as well as help others.)

üSelf-respect (and along with that, respect for others and compassion.)

üEye contact (Kids who don’t look down at the ground and keep good eye contact with people don’t get bullied.)


üCourage (Your children will learn how to stand up for themselves, say “No” to dangerous situations, and avoid bullies and peer pressure.)

üMental toughness (Your child will learn how to be strong in the face of adversity.)

üLanguage skills (Your child will speak more clearly, and gain a better vocabulary.)

üA head start in life (by being a part of a “complete” martial arts and character development program.)

üDrive (Your child will be driven to be a good student in school and a fantastic kid outside of school.)

üPotential (Your child will develop his/her own unique potential and learn how to maximize it.)

üMental skills and physical skills (the kind that carry over at home, in school, and throughout their entire lives.)

üPersonal achievement (Our program focuses a lot on personal achievement so each child can get the most out of the program for themselves.)

üCharacter building (Your child will build character, not just learn how to defend themselves and others.)

üPhysical strength (Your child will get stronger and build functional, healthy, sport-specific strength.)

üPeer pressure resistance (Your child will be able to resist peer pressure, bullies and other negative aspects of life.)

üConditioning (Your child will get in better shape, look better and feel like a million bucks!)

Stella Davison, on her way to another gold medal. A future champion in Martial Arts and Life!