John Frankl Returns This Month

John Frankl Returns This Month

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John Frankl Hosts Two Day Seminar at SBGi Portland

July 18th and 19th sees the return of John Frankl to the mats of the Straight Blast Gym headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Frankl was last in Portland for the Spring Camp back in March, before setting off on a seminar tour around some of SBGi’s other North American affiliates. John Frankl has been associated with Matt Thornton and SBG for well over ten years, and has been training in BJJ since 1990. He received his blue belt from none other than Rickson Gracie before training under Roberto Maia and receiving his black belt in 2002. He has been coaching students for decades, starting even before opening his own John Frankl BJJ academy back in 1999. He introduced the sport of BJJ to South Korea, where today he runs a number of academies across the country, while also teaching as a university professor.

The combination of third degree BJJ black belt and university professor allows for an intelligent, scientific approach to the sport which is always seeking to test and innovate new approaches. It is an attitude which is perfectly attuned to SBG founder Matt Thornton’s founding principle of ‘Aliveness’. Not only does his career as a university professor help in his approach to the study and mastery of BJJ, but it also means John Frankl is a rare combination of high level black belt and a professional teacher who can break down and explain key concepts to his students in an effective way.

Aside from being a third degree black belt, and an exceptional teacher, John Frankl’s experience at the forefront of BJJ in South Korea is unique to that of any other BJJ practitioner – pioneering a sport in a country that had never seen BJJ before. Be sure to attend his seminar to learn from a remarkable teacher and true BJJ pioneer. Contact Zach Thornton SBGi Portland, or email for more information. For more info about John Frankl, check out his bio at