Jiu Jitsu is Easy

“Jiu Jitsu is Easy”


These are words not commonly heard in the world of BJJ,  Until Now-

SBG has always been known for it’s coaching methods and the production of students with solid fundamentals and vast range of games.  Matt Thornton head coach of SBGi has always attributed the range of games to the simplicity of the coaching. The philosophy works as follows, the less specific the instructions the more play the student will have and the faster they will develop.   Matt has been heading down this road for over 20 years. Now in his second generation of black belts and MMA fighters it’s really starting to show.  Athletes like Gunnar Nelson, and Conor McGregor are now gracing the MMA scene.  In the Portland HQ where Matt has had his eyes on the worlds our athletes are pushing boundaries like 5 year brown belt Amanda Loewen taking second place this year in the worlds (One of several sbgi medalist).

Amanda Loewen with Priit

But is it enough?

Does the world believe it?  SBG has always pushed the importance of coaching and how coaching and personal performance are not equivalent.  For example a Worlds Gold medalist being unable to explain or convey their technique (Not unheard of).   With this emphasis on coaching there has been a push towards simplicity. The goal being the most practical and quickest way to have students develop. This has led down a path to new developments like the old school “Fundamental 5 of (insert position)” from Matt, and ideas like “Posture Pressure Possibilities” from Cane Prevost.  So what have the mad scientist at SBGi been up to now?

First The Author

Priit a black belt from Estonia who for the most part is unheard of outside of SBG has been pushing this envelope.  He now begins classes with phrases like “Jiu Jitsu is easy” and “I will now teach you everything you need to know about cross sides in one hour”.  It seems insane but what Priit has come up with is beautiful in it’s simplicity.  He has spent his time hacking at BJJ with Occam’s razor testing, theorizing, testing, and with all with world class athletes and coaches.  The end results have been well worth the work.

The One Guard To Rule Them All-

For now the idea of “Zero points” may or may not be completely unique to SBG right now. So I wont be going into to many details but, any bjj practitioner could tell you that one of the most complicated and variable intensive positions is the open guard.   So many guards and ideas in the position, Spider, De La Riva, Butterfly, X- Guard and these names are barely scratching the surface.  The idea that you only need to learn one open guard position seems almost insane. That’s what makes Priit’s “Grilled Chicken” so powerful.  Beauty in it’s simplicity-

For Now It Has Remained in SBGi

Although there has been rumors of it being taught outside of SBG as of right now it’s only hear say.  But for the first time we are posting his opening publicly. This will probably serve as nothing more then a teaser but even this will open you up to Priit’s idea of “Zero Points”.


BJJ Beware, The Grilled Chicken is Near.