A Jedi at the Spring Camp

Who Is This Jedi


JOHN FRANKL JIU-JITSU (Nov 2011) from F.O.B. in Seoul on Vimeo.



John Frankl has been a long standing member of SBGi for over ten years.  Frankl’s main academy and bjj association is in South Korea where he teaches and studies at a Korean university. His breed of intelligence and dedication to Jiu Jitsu has turned Frankl into a Jiu Jitsu jedi of sorts.  For the average black belt and certainly anyone bellow that level watching Frankl roll with his loose grips, relaxed muscle, and ease of movement as he effortlessly moves around others he can appear almost psychic.  “The Force” is certainly strong with this one. He will be a mainstay of concept and art for those lucky enough to attend this years Spring Camp in Portland.


Frankl will be bringing his latest innovation BJJ defense “The Inverted Monkey Grip” and believe me, this will change the way you survive on bottom!

To discover his secret to “grips” and other jedi mind tricks reserve your slot today!

Time is running out with only 17 days left to register for camp!

Click Here to register or simply call the academy at 503-230-7924


John Frankl is just one of the over FOURTEEN coaches set to coach this camp! We also just had the pleasure of announcing coach Priit Mihkelson and both Adam, and Rory Singer from Athens Georgia!