Interview with Straight Blast Gym’s Aisling Daly

Interview with Straight Blast Gym’s Aisling Daly

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Straight Blast Gym At The Forefront of MMA’s Growth in Europe

Check out this recent, in-depth article about Straight Blast Gym Ireland’s Aisling Daly here, from the Irish Mirror. The Mirror is not an MMA, or even sports-specific publication, but a daily newspaper over in Ireland read by the greater population. The reason I point this out is that it demonstrates the growing popularity of mixed martial arts, and its increasing acceptance into the mainstream of sport, in Ireland and Europe more generally. More exciting than that, it is clear that Straight Blast Gym is leading the charge into this new territory! Years of tireless effort and training, with limited chance of success or local recognition are now paying huge dividends from the SBG Ireland team. Now, newspapers are queuing up for a chance to interview their top UFC competitors, major television channels are eager to televise their fights, and banners and pro-SBG artwork are popping up around the streets of Dublin.

Straight Blast GymAisling Daly finally in the UFC

Particularly in Aisling Daly’s case, the prospect of fame and fortune has until recently, been unthinkable, with women only being allowed to compete in the UFC in the past couple of years. Despite being the most recent of Straight Blast Gym’s UFC affiliated fighters, she has one of the longest and most impressive CVs around. It is a resume that has seen her travel throughout Europe and the US in search of worthy competition, win titles, and reach the rank of fifth in the world. It seems a little unreasonable, then, that she should have to compete in reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, for the recognition that would give her chance at a UFC contract. She talks about her time in the Ultimate Fighter house, and the hostile environment that exists when 16 elite fighters are forced to live with, and compete against, one another for seven weeks without outside distractions. Regardless, her strategy was successful, she has her UFC contract, and her first UFC fight on December 12th, in Las Vegas.

MMA is already one of the fastest growing sports around as people realize it is not a sport for thugs, nowhere is that better realized than at Straight Blast Gym, home to thoughtful and educated athletes who adopt a scientific approach to the sport. It is an exciting time for MMA, and Straight Blast Gym is right at the forefront…