Three Huge Seminars At SBGi Portland

Three Huge Seminars At SBGi Portland


04SBGi Portland Welcomes Three BJJ Legends This Summer

Last week SBGi Portland made an exciting announcement. The Straight Blast Gym HQ will be hosting a series of summer seminars hosted by some of the top names in both the SBG, and wider BJJ, universe. From May to July, SBG Portland will be welcoming some forty years of BJJ black belt experience onto its mats in the form of three practitioners that have shaped and pioneered the sport around the world.

 Priit Mikhleson

On May 16th-17th, the Jits Vulcan, Priit Mikhelson will be returning to SBG for a two day seminar that will undoubtedly change the way many think and practice BJJ. Priit has a long standing reputation with the SBGi community for constantly finding ways to improve and simplify jiu jitsu. Boiling down BJJ situations to so called ‘zero points’, Priit Mikhelson has uncovered fundamentals at a new level of simplicity, leading to the creation of ideas like the now infamous ‘grilled chicken’ guard. It is an approach that makes his coaching and seminars accessible to everyone. From black belts to the newest white belt, everyone is likely to come away with a clearer picture of how to practice, train and/or teach BJJ.

Chris Haueter

On June 27th-28th, SBGi Portland welcomes back Chris Haueter. Haueter is one of the ‘Dirty Dozen’, the first non-Brazilian practitioners to be awarded a BJJ black belt. Now a 5th degree black belt, Haueter has been at the forefront of BJJ since its arrival in the US, and was instrumental in its spread across the country and the world. He was the first American black belt to compete at the Mundials in Brazil, and the first to win a black belt match. Along with this string of firsts, he is also the coach that presented SBGi founder Matt Thornton with his purple, brown and black belts. Chris Haueter has an unparalleled wealth of knowledge – a practitioner who started learning BJJ when it first arrived in California, and who has been present for every step of the sports progress to its current point. Even the most experienced black belt will likely learn something they didn’t know about the sport at this seminar.

John Frankl

July 18-19th sees the return of John Frankl. John Frankl has been associated with Matt Thornton and SBG for well over ten years. Frankl runs a number of academies and affiliates in South Korea, where he introduced the sport of BJJ. He was the first black belt to go to South Korea and the first to open a gym in the country. John is not just a third degree BJJ black belt but also a university professor, two aspects, mental and physical, that are mutually reinforcing to one another, and that allow for John Frankl to be not just an exemplary BJJ practitioner but also a remarkable teacher. John Frankl’s experience at the forefront of BJJ in South Korea is unique to that of any other BJJ black belt. Be sure to attend his seminar to learn from a true BJJ pioneer.

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