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Welcome to SBG the north west ORIGINAL martial arts and functional self defense academy. Home of the first and most accomplished Team for MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Portland.

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SBGi has been running strong for nearly 22 years now.  It was the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts academy in Oregon, and Home of Oregon’s First Black BJJ Belt, Matt Thornton.

We specialize in functional martial arts.  If it works against a resisting opponent you will find it taught at SBG.

We have programs for (link these) Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Self Defense, Yoga and fitness classes.

We also have complete programs for women’s only fitness, children starting age 3 and up all the way to our MMA Jr’s program built specifically for teens,  one of the only programs of its kind.

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At SBG you’ll find a  warm welcoming environment, fit for the whole family.

Built for everyone from beginners all the way to law enforcement and  world class athletes.

We have full curriculums for every program we offer at SBGi. Mapped out for your success from day one.

At SBGi you wont find-

  • Inexperienced meat heads


  •  Puffed up egos


  • Or a re-branded karate or kung fu school that simple “offers” mma or jiu jitsu-

You’ll find Internationally Certified Instructors.  Who care about their students and  you!

There to insure your individual success.

No matter what your goals are- From building confidence, self defense, competing, or even just losing a few pounds.

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 You won’t find yourself  “thrown to the wolves”   at straight blast.

Instead You’ll start with a trained martial arts and fitness consultant, there help you find which program best fits your goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to  start down that track with one of our “Foundation” Programs built to give you a solid base of skills,  and physically prepare you for the next level of your training.

 That way you never have to feel lost or overwhelmed and have a chance to build a solid routine without interfering with family or work.

This means you can start at SBGi no matter what your experience or physical fitness level is.

IN FACT The foundation program is full of people just like you. Who share your goals and are learning the skill sets for the first time.  This program is built on some of the most  solid martial arts techniques in the world. That way when you’re having fun in class and working up a sweat,  you can feel confident that everything your learning is Functional and not just based off theory.

After all These are the same Techniques used in everything from street self defense, law enforcement, and all the way up to world class competition.

Masha’s testimonial where she talks about being thrown to the wolves

Every martial arts school claims to be the best. But how can you really tell?

One simple word-


The results speak for themselves.

What has the school actually done for people. What is it currently doing for people?

 Asking this question should give you a clear indication of who the best actually is. Here are just a few examples of the proof we can provide for sbgi.

 training footage and a short testimonial

For Example-

in Self Defense SBG developed the ISR Martrix specifically for self defense in law enforcement and military. SBG is a so trusted for self defense that officers use our training for when their life is on the line.

For condition we’re hard to beat. At SBG you find out quick how easy it is to get results when your focus shifts away from counting reps or miles, and moves to learning and having fun.  The fitness becomes a welcome addition to simply showing up and having a good time.

Or maybe you want to compete? The coaching you receive will be a MAJOR factor of your success. Who your learning from and training with will determine how well you perform.

Or you may simply want your child to feel more confident. So they can go to school without fear of being bullied, and develop focus and discipline so they can be successful in school AND Life.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it first hand from a parent.

 Michael and Tiffany’s testimonial

But what really sets sbg apart is the community.

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Thanks for visiting our site!

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And Remember One Tribe One Vibe!