The history behind the SBG Gorilla

judo portland

A lot of people have asked me why we’ve had the gorilla as our mascot for the last twenty years. I’ve heard speculation that it was a commentary on evolution, that it was related to a particular author, etc.

 The truth is, when I opened my very first gym in Keizer Oregon, and made the very first SBG shirt ever, I used a picture I found in a magazine which was advertising wrestlers headgear. Why? Because I thought it was cool, that’s all.
 Since then people would give me gorillas for gifts at the gym. I literally have several boxes of stuffed gorillas. Ulan Moore then went on to draw then now iconic gorilla with his arms crossed, and it’s been history ever since.
It will remain the SBG logo for many more decades to come.
Above is a scan from the very first artwork used to make our original logo, circa 1992 or so.