He is coming……


The Grand Father of North West Jiu Jitsu Coming To Portland!

Chris Haueter!

Chris Haueter is an old friend of SBG – and the coach to SBG Founder & President Matt Thornton.  Matt met Chris Haueter in the early 90’s, after receiving his blue belt from Rickson Gracie. They quickly became friends and Chris took up the roll as Matt’s primary Jiu Jitsu coach. Chris went on to award Matt his purple, brown, and black belts in BJJ.

Chris Haueter
Chris Haueter at the Montana Fall Camp.

The Dirty Dozen

It’s very rare to come across a coach with as many credentials as Chris Haueter. Aside from being a martial arts pioneer – he is one of the famed “Dirty Dozen”. The first twelve black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from outside Brazil. Chris was the 5th American to receive a black belt in the art.  He was the first American black belt to compete in the Mundials (The Worlds). And he was also the first American black belt to win a match at black belt. Over the years Chris has won multiple Pan American Championships, and super fight victories.

Chris Haueter and Randy Couture at SBG Salem

Birth Of North West Jiu Jitsu

Chris Haueter’s involvement with SBG and Matt went beyond just teaching Jiu Jitsu. Chris helped shape the coaching philosophies and is widely acclaimed as one of the top conceptual Jiu Jitsu coaches around. Chris is truly a “Fundamental” practitioner of the art. His Jiu Jitsu is all about the delivery system, a core philosophy that runs deep within the roots of SBGi.

With the exception of the few coaches who have migrated to  the greater Portland area, Chris Haueter and Matt Thornton are the starting point for them all. The most successful and longest standing Jiu Jitsu academies in Oregon can almost exclusively trace their lineage back to training with Matt and his coach Chris Haueter.


History From An Eye Witness

Those lucky enough to be in Montana for Chris Haueter’s section at the 2013 Spring Camp not only got one of the most all encompassing sections on the guard that anyone had ever seen, but also a complete history lesson on its evolution through time. Chris went from the very beginning of the closed guard and then walked everyone through its evolution into the different guards, how they evolved, what their function was, and how each led to the next step in the growth of Jiu Jitsu.  The segment was eye opening for everyone, including the ten plus BJJ black belts in attendance, including long term veterans of the art like Matt Thornton and John Frankl (Both of whom have been black belts for over ten years!) To sum it up, Chris Haueter’s history of the guard segment was jaw dropping!

That Camp, including that monumental section by Chris, was not filmed. Those who missed the Camp, missed history! Don’t be that person who makes the same mistake this year.


2014 Fall Camp Primed To Be The Best Camp Yet

With the coaching ranks of the 2014 SBGi Fall Camp once again being graced by the grand father of SBG Jiu Jitsu, Chris Haueter, you can bank on this event being the experience of a lifetime!
Check out SBGCAMPS.com for more details and registration. And sign up NOW while a few spots remain!

And Remember “It’s Not Who’s Best, It’s Who’s Left.” – Chris Haueter