The Gorilla Cup Returns!

The Gorilla Cup Returns!

gorilla cup

04SBGi Portland Hosted the Return of the Gorilla Cup In-House Tournament

Last week saw the long-awaited return of the Gorilla Cup to Straight Blast Gym. The Gorilla Cup is an in-house tournament held at the SBG Portland HQ to raise money for charity, and sees typically white and blue belts compete against one another in a round-robin tournament style that isn’t possible during regular training. The money raised from the tournament went to benefit the Family Dogs New Life Shelter – a non-profit, no-kill dog shelter in SE Portland.

People get involved in BJJ for a multitude of different reasons – some to compete, some for self-defense, some for fitness, socializing, or just for an interesting new skill to master. The Gorilla Cup provided those who had not competed before, either because they were new to the sport aspect of BJJ or because the idea had never appealed to them previously, with a great opportunity to test the waters of competition in a friendly and fun environment. As with everything at SBGi, the tournament took place in a great spirit of teamwork and friendship, with a mutual respect among all. It was a wonderful opportunity for members to get a better understanding of how their own BJJ holds up in competition, and enjoy and appreciate the progress made by teammates around them. It was also a great chance for the whole SBGi Portland tribe to get to know each other better, as students who usually attend classes on differing nights had a chance to meet and roll together for the very first time. A special thank you must go to the referees and organizers – SBGi Portland’s more senior members who provided a rundown of tournament rules and point-scoring, along with expert officiating throughout the tournament.

In all, the Gorilla Cup was an enormous success, raising $546.24 for the Family Dogs New Life Shelter between competitor entry fees and additional donations. The Family Dogs New Life Shelter is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming needy dogs of all ages, breeds and backgrounds. Their mission, simply put, is to reduce the number of dogs being euthanized. They do this by working with agencies and humane societies to save the dogs that are the most in need, working diligently to understand the personality of each dog they take in, and match them to the perfect owner. Their style is unique among dog shelters and allows for better socialized, better understood animals. To find out more, click the link here.