Fighting Words

SBG MMA Fighter finds out that, With great media coverage, comes great attention. Not all of it good.

Conor McGregor climbed up to being the #2 Most Searched MMA Fighter in the world after his last fight. Despite tearing his acl in the middle of his last fight, he finished strong and walked out of the cage to do a press meeting.

During that press release he made a massive impression on the entire world.  Conor made a lot of fans that night.  How ever you win some you lose some and when you win a lot there are going to be a lot of people that want to see you lose.

In comes MMA fighter Diego Sanchez with a tweet.

Cant believe the hype on this next guy not being a hater but who the hell has he beat more less even faced? Im taking @BlessedMMA

Sanchez was quick to comment on the “hype” a word that seems to continuously surround the rising MMA fighter.  Who was watching though. The tweet only had 15 Retweets which is a relatively small number for a pro fighter. So who heard Diego?


Well he was heard by SBGi’s very own MMA Fighter Conor who was happy to respond.


@DiegoSanchezUFC You’re the fattest, sloppiest, slowest Martial Artist i’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d go upto 170 to whoop your fat ass. EASY.

Conor having a bit of a laugh at Diego’s expense. Slowest fat ass he has ever laid eyes on. Ouch. Those are indeed fighting words.  Normally when a Veteran starts trash talking at the new guy it gives the new guy some new attention.  Strangely the situation was flipped with Conor generating 1,184 Retweets 642 favorites  it seems that he was the one generating attention for Diego.

Even the average Joe jumped in on the MMA fighter Diego who seemed to be at a loss for words.

@DiegoSanchezUFC @arielhelwani @TheNotoriousMMA haha Diego you’re funny. You lost your last fight, settle down.
@AdamB_27 @arielhelwani @TheNotoriousMMA I’m gonna whoop his ass in person if I run into him probably at next fight summit for what he said.

13 Retweets 9 favorites

13 Retweets 9 favorite
The MMA fighter Diego ended up engauging back with the average joe’s and started trying to threaten Conor.  He went on to say that he would go after Conor at the next summit.  Strange that he wouldn’t want Dana White to set the fight up but C’est la vie.
We warned you to keep an eye on SBG MMA fighter Conor McGregor. He is making headlines left and right with only two wins in the UFC.  Stay tuned for more!