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“It allows them to go conquer whatever they want to.”

“Whatever route they decide to take training for martial arts will help them.”

Those are the words of SBG athlete and UFC champion, Conor McGregor.

It is hard to get higher praise than that. Conor has made waves over the last few years in the UFC, conquering every challenge put in front of him, making history along the way. We are very proud of him, and he is just a piece of what SBG does for people. Everyday, all over the globe, coaches at SBG work to teach and mentor children in martial arts, and in the life lessons that they provide.


How Do SBG Coaches Do That?

The Growing Gorillas Program. The Same Program used at Conor McGregor’s home gym SBG Ireland. Originally developed by SBG Vice President Travis Davison. A program built specifically to assist in your child’s development, through the vehicle of martial arts.

With world class coaching continually producing some of the top athletes in the world, SBG is now a global phenomena in Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, and of course Kids Martial Arts! Straight Blast has used this experience to continually develop its programs and curriculum to higher and higher standards, making sure that our coaches can bring the best training in the world to your child.

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How so?

These may seem like overstated claims, but our program can greatly improve how your child learns to deal with problems. Martial arts, specifically “functional” martial arts, will directly affect your child’s success in school, in dealing with peer pressure, and in LIFE.




The Growing Gorillas Program, a program taught in Straight Blast Academies around the world. From right here in Portland Oregon, all the way across the globe at Conor McGregor’s home gym in Ireland.


But how can you get your child involved?

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Martial Arts is “True Dedication and Beautiful Discipline” -Conor McGregor