More Excellence At 2015 SBGi Spring Camp

More Excellence At 2015  SBGi Spring Camp

Spring Camp

Three More SBGi Black Belts Added to Schedule

The SBGi Spring Camp is a week closer that when we last posted, and in that short period of time, three more huge announcements have been made! Three of the biggest names in Straight Blast Gym have been added to the coaching line up of the Spring Camp held on March 27th-29th – a line-up that promises an enormous learning opportunity for anybody looking to advance their BJJ knowledge. On top of the big names already scheduled to teach a segment of the 2015 Spring Camp, namely John Frankl, Paul Sharp, Priit Mihkelson and brothers Adam and Rory Singer, SBGi’s Portland HQ will also be graced with teachings from Cane Prevost, Ricky Davison and Stephen Whittier.

SBGi Portland Coach Cane Prevost

Cane Prevost is a BJJ black belt who has been training with SBGi in Portland for over ten years. He is the inventor of the 3 Ps method, Posture – Pressure – Possibilities, and is a remarkable coach who has an incredible knack for breaking BJJ down to its core components and finding ways to teach it in the simplest way possible. For more on Cane, be sure to check out his blog, where he provides excellent material on all areas of BJJ. Step by step instructions and videos outline the fundamentals of all BJJ positions, while posts on his philosophy towards both training and coaching provide an excellent insight into an advanced BJJ mind. It is a valuable resource to any BJJ practitioner. Catch his coaching live at this year’s Spring Camp!

SBGi Sweeping Wizard Rick Davison

Rick Davison has been training at SBG for over fifteen years, earning his BJJ black belt in 2010 after twelve years of training, from SBG founder Matt Thornton. Along with his brother Travis, who today runs SBG Montana, he is one of the most respected and influential members of the SBG tribe.  After running up an extensive collection of honors in both MMA and BJJ competitions, today he runs SBG Portland’s MMA competition team and is instrumental in the preparation of all SBG Portland fighters. He is SBG Portland’s resident sweeping wizard, having given whole seminars on the topic, and it is a rare treat to have the opportunity to be coached by him. Be sure not to miss out on your chance at Spring Camp!


 SBGi East Coast Head Coach Stephen Whittier

Stephen Whittier is the Head Coach of Nexus MMA and is in charge of SBG’s East Coast operation. Yet another of the unprecedented number of BJJ black belts attending the Spring Camp, Whittier has compiled an excellent record in both BJJ and MMA. The creator of 40 Plus BJJ Success, he is at the forefront of proving the effectiveness of BJJ fundamentals over age, size and strength disparity, while this year he has had enormous success coaching in the MMA arena. With help from Whittier, Team Sityodtong fighter, Rob Font emphatically won his UFC debut, while SBG East Coast’s Jeff Perez became Cage Titans Featherweight champion. Stephen Whittier’s work is another example of the effectiveness of the SBG philosophy, and his segment at the SBGi 2015 Spring Camp, like his previous seminars, is a must not miss event.


For more on the SBGi 2015 Spring Camp, contact Zach Thornton. Early registration for the camp closes tonight, Friday 20th February.