Empty slogans versus intelligent training

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Some words of wisdom from an SBG gold medalist, and coach of champions.

It is funny to read what some people seem to think effective training is all about. Silly slogans like:

 “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”

“Go hard or go home.”

“Ya man I lifted until I collapsed.”

Let me give you a secret, all the top fighters I’ve trained  and all the top athletes I know, the ones who reached a very high technical level, they all train at a moderate pace most of the time; but, only in every single case.

One good session a day, medium pace with some bursts of intensity, and then ‘maybe’ one lighter session in the evening; in fact the best guys will avoid spazzy guys that just want to go nuts, it is of no benefit to them, and they are an injury risk.

Skill attainment aint a sprint folks, you’ll be ‘jogging’ for many years; take it easy and look after your body, don’t buy into BS slogans.

Flow with the go.

– John Kavanagh