Conor McGregor vs Aldo Set For UFC 194

Conor McGregor vs Aldo Set For UFC 194

UFC 189 Conor Mcgregor

SBG’s McGregor To Fight Jose Aldo This December

The featherweight title unification bout between current champion Jose Aldo, and interim champion, SBG Ireland’s Conor McGregor, finally has a date. The two will compete on December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, headlining the UFC 194 event. The fight, originally scheduled for last month, was already set to be the biggest fight in UFC history. However, after unprecedented levels of worldwide promotion, Aldo withdrew due to bruised ribs, and was replaced by Chad Mendes at short notice. McGregor’s second-round TKO victory has cleared the way for the Aldo fight to be scheduled once again. No doubt the delay, and the fact that this is now a title unification bout, will only make the contest even bigger than previously.

McGregor Outshining Aldo

While the combatants remain the same, McGregor’s star has only risen further above Aldo as a result of UFC 189. While knocking out Mendes, an opponent who’s wrestling pedigree many predicted would be his downfall, McGregor was also breaking Vegas attendance, web traffic and PPV pre-buy records, confirming himself as one of the biggest stars the UFC has ever seen. One other difference between then and now, the SBG Ireland fighter, who converts more critics with each dramatic knock-out, has opened as favorite for the December contest against Aldo.

But McGregor, who can claim the likes of Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwartzenegger amongst his fans, continues to keep his feet firmly on the ground in other respects. In a recent interview with the Guardian, he talks not just of his recent rise to stardom and the glamorous lifestyle that he is becoming accustomed to, but also the sacrifice in the years leading up to it. He is thankful to his supportive parents, and SBG Ireland head coach, who helped him when he drifted from his path early in his career. Still with him today, they can be seen celebrating with him in the Octagon after his title win. If the bookmakers, and McGregor himself, are correct, they will be celebrating again soon enough, when December 12 rolls around.