Conor McGregor Favorite At UFC 194

Conor McGregor Favorite At UFC 194


McGregor Favored to Beat Aldo This Weekend

Going in to one of the biggest weekends the UFC has ever seen, all eyes and talk are on Conor McGregor as he takes on Jose Aldo to unify the UFC featherweight title. With a Fight Night on Thursday, the Ultimate Fighter finale on Friday, and an additional title fight to contend with on a hugely stacked UFC 194 card this Saturday, you might think attention would be drawn away from the SBG Ireland man. Not so, as fight fans everywhere speculate on whether McGregor can defeat one of the best pound for pound fighters of all time. It would seem that the general opinion is indeed “yes”, as Las Vegas sportsbooks have the Irishman as the favorite, and Jose Aldo, undefeated in ten years, with seven successful title defenses in the Octagon, the underdog.

While many will point to McGregor’s trash-talk and enormous popularity as the reason for his status as favorite, perhaps also, people are finally starting to acknowledge that he has answered all his doubters over the past two years with knock-out after emphatic knock-out. With each outing, a step up in the caliber of opponent leads to a chorus of questions over various aspects of McGregor’s game, and each time he answers them. Most recently, fans believed McGregor would struggle against the grappling of Chad Mendes, but should poise, calm and efficiency on his back, and an elegant escape of a guillotine attempt, saw Mendes nullified like all before him.

While the betting line is an interesting tidbit in a sea of talk and speculation across all fight fans, the fact is how Saturday’s fight will go down is all but unpredictable. With each appearance in the Octagon, McGregor is more exciting, more efficient, more unpredictable and ultimately more dangerous. If there is one man who has accurately predicted the outcome of McGregor’s fights all along, it is McGregor himself, often down to the round in which he would knock out his opponent. As for his fight against Aldo? Unsurprisingly, a knock-out:

“I just don’t see him answering the bell for the second round. I can’t see his face or his body at the beginning of the second round. I see him KO’d inside one.”

McGregor goes on to predict that after this fight, he will step up to the lightweight division and collect that belt as well:

“When you KO a guy inside one there is no need for a rematch. So, if he can bring a war and we can do this and trade for five rounds or whatever than maybe I’ll consider a rematch. But, I feel he won get off the stool and answer the bell for the second round. So, I’m looking to emulate what I achieved in my previous promotion and collect two belts in two different weight divisions, hold them consecutively, defend them consecutively and carry on.”

Whether all of that will come to fruition is a topic for a later date. One thing is for sure, all at SBG cannot wait for Saturday night, when McGregor and Gunnar Nelson fly the SBG flag in front of the whole world. Best of luck to the whole SBG team this weekend!