Connor McGregor Making More Headlines

Severe MMA Calls It A “Media Maelstrom”


Portland MMA fans on edge as Conor  makes headlines left and right since his first fight in the UFC. With his second fight coming up the media coverage has BOOMED. At a training session open to the media Conor offered out interviews and show cased some of his skills for the press.  There are blog post and youtube videos being posted all over the net from Conor’s press day .

All of the Portland MMA scene should be sure to keep an eye on this competitor. Conor a fighter trained and training under John Kavanagh, and John Kavanagh being Matt Thornton’s (the pioneer of mma in the north west) first second degree black belt, the entire event is tied to Portland MMA.

Kavanagh was also Ireland’s First BJJ black belt, AND during Matt’s recent seminar trip to Ireland Kavanagh awarded Ireland’s first ever home grown home trained BJJ Black Belt.

Portland MMA Coach Matt Thornton With His First 2nd Degree Black BeltJohn Kavanagh Black Belt Under Portland MMA Coach Matt Thornton

With Such A Rich History And Close Ties To The Portland MMA Scene Connor’s Next Fight Is A Must See For Any Portland MMA Fan.

There have been video break downs and rumors about Conor’s skills all of the net since his first UFC fight.  Conor doesn’t seem to care what his opponents see or know about his game though. Conor McGregor was asked if he was worried about what his opponents may see he responded simply with “let them look at it, because if they look at it then I’ll come out with something else“.

Portland MMA Coach Matt Thornton and John Kavanagh with Ireland's Youngest Purple Belt

Conor’s coach John Kavanagh doesn’t seemed worried either. During a interview he was asked about two of the fighters he coaches.  Both undefeated in the UFC, Gunnar Nelson, and of course Conor McGregor.  Kavanagh explained that both of them have so much further to go as neither of them have finished learning.  Kavanagh went on to explain that he has seen fighters hit a pro level and shift focus from learning to just trying to go harder or condition themselves.  As Gunnar and Conor haven’t fallen into this trap Kavanagh sees no ceiling for their skill set.

Portland MMA Fans And Practitioners Should Pay Close Attention To The Details Kavanagh Talked About.

Portland MMA Coach Matt Thornton Recently Posted This Video Saying

“John Kavanagh & Conor having a little fun before Conor’s win next saturday. I’d like everyone to watch this and note three key things:

1- The relaxed pace.
2- The emphasis on posture.
3- How technical it is.

Keeping it playful is keeping it powerful.”

This comes back full circle to what SBGi Coach John Kavanagh said concerning Conor, and Gunar’s training.  These athletes don’t constantly train at 100%, they play at a constant lighter pace.  Allowing them to focus on the mechanics and timing behind their movements.  Of course you have to have a base skill set to play this “advanced” but it’s a perfect pace for consistent improvement on their skill sets.

You can see it in their training. Either in the video with Conor and Kavanagh or in this video where Gunar goes through the SBGi tradition of the Iron Man for his purple belt.

Any practitioner in the Portland MMA and Jiu Jitsu scene should take note and use this to expand on their own training.  The focus on using superior posture and technique as apposed to speed or strength will have a massive effect on anyone’s training.

As Matt once said to me “You have to be okay with losing. You don’t want to enjoy losing but rather be intrigued by it as an opportunity to learn.”

So get on the mat, find some mystery, get intrigued, and most of all have some fun!

One Tribe. One Vibe.

By Zach T.

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