Congrats to our MMA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champions!

May 14th, 2009

krav maga portland oregon

Congratulations to Portland’s own Cory Roska, who defended his title for the fourth straight time, by scoring a tap out from mount in the first round!

Also congrats due to Jake Oyler from SBG Montana who captured the 170lb title belt. Way to go!

Portland’s Hamilton Ash suffered an injury in the first round of his fight which will put him out for a few months, but we are all sure he will make a strong comeback soon.

muay thai portland

Also congratulations to long time Portland Coach, and now head of SBG Montana Travis Davison. Travis took home a silver and a bronze at last weekends grapplers quest. The silver was in the absolute division, and with Travis being under 160lbs at the moment, and the division having plenty of black and brown belts in it that was an awesome achievement! Following the absolute Travis took bronze in his weight. Both losses in the absolute and his weight were to points, while his wins all ended in submission. A pretty cool achievement.

Look for Travis and many others from our team at the Mundials next month.

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