3 competitors, 4 golds, 2 silvers and Oregon’s first BJJ World (Mundials) Champion!

portland judo

 When we say on our website that:

“When you look at the stats of the tournaments, nobody regularly gets a higher percentage of overall medals per competitor entered then we do at SBG.”

We mean that, factually.

The picture above is the competition results from one weekend, and just two SBG Portland competitors, coach Amanda Loewen, and coach John Diggins. John won GOLD advanced, beating several BJJ black belts. And went on the next day to win SILVER in both his weight and the absolute class in gi. Amanda won GOLD advanced no-gi, and the next day GOLD in her weight AND GOLD in the absolute gi; a stunning achievement.

Next to that you can see Leah Taylor’s GOLD medal from the World Championships of BJJ, the Mundials. Leah is the first home grown BJJ player from Oregon to EVER win a GOLD at the Worlds.

These are your coaches at SBG Portland, simply the best.