Coach Whittier talks about SBG Portland’s Amanda Loewen

 About Composure!

This is one of the coolest ladies in the game, my friend Amanda.

First of all, although she’s in her late 20s, she does nothing in this video that most of
you can’t do — aside from maybe her ability to kneel down if you have really bad knees.
But more importantly, take a look at her composure. Her face says it all…
She shows at once focus, relaxation, and
confidence in equal parts. Hovering some-
where between “game-face” and just having
Now take a look at your own experience on the mats. Honestly and objectively, how close
or far are you from being able to roll with something resembling that composure?
This is easily as valuable a question as any technical question you could ask. And
figuring out how to “let go” enough to be able to play your “A” game with this kind of
relaxed yet focused effort is for certain more valuable than any particular technique I
could show you.
A common theme in martial arts is the ideal
of “mastery”, correctly understood as a
process rather than and end…
In Jiu-Jitsu, “the gentle art” — or more
accurately, the efficient art — the path of
mastery has as much to do with the
mental as it does the physical.
it’s easy to think of “maximum result with minimal effort” in terms of physical
technique and energy, but all we need to do is think to our (often stressed or anxious)
mental states in training or competition to recognize that this principle is perhaps even
more a matter of mindset.
Your assignment for the next week is this. Go into every roll channeling a little
Amanda. Focused, relaxed, confident, and remembering to have fun 😉
– Stephen Whittier
BJJ Performance Professor