Chris Haueter Seminar A Month Away

Chris Haueter Seminar A Month Away

Chris Haueter

Chris Haueter At SBG Portland June 27th & 28th

May saw the first of SBG Portland’s three epic summer seminars. SBGi BJJ black belt held a sold-out, two day seminar, in which he broke down two BJJ positions; quarter position bottom and open guard, to their fundamental elements, in his trademark style, and rebuilt them around core principles. The event was a huge success, either learning something new, or coming away with a clearer focus on the important aspects of each position. For those who missed out, fear not!  In four-weeks’ time, the second of SBG Portland’s seminars takes place, as BJJ pioneer, and esteemed ‘grandfather’ of Straight Blast Gym, Chris Haueter, graces the mat for a two day visit.

04A Little About Chris Haueter

Chris Haueter was instrumental in the creation of SBG itself, and the founding principles the organization is built upon. Haueter was the coach of Straight Blast Gym founder, Matt Thorton, who received his purple, brown and black belts under him. Aside from his influence on Matt, Chris Haueter’s is a name recognized and revered across the BJJ universe. He is one of the original ‘dirty dozen’ of BJJ – one of the first twelve non-Brazilian athletes to achieve black belt status, receiving his black belt from Rigan Machado in 1996, nearly twenty years ago! He has been at the forefront of jiu jitsu since its arrival in the United States and was influential in its spread across the country and the world. Chris Haueter was the first American black belt to compete at the Mundials, and the first ever to win a black belt match. To attend a seminar from Chris Haueter is to be in a room with decades of pioneering BJJ knowledge experienced first hand. It is a rarity, in any sport or field, not just BJJ, to be in the presence of someone who was there when it first started, in this case, before BJJ gyms could be found in every town in the US, a seminar from Chris Haueter allows for such an opportunity. This is a rare chance to learn from someone who has truly seen it all. Don’t miss out!

To attend, contact Zach Thornton at the SBGi Portland HQ or by email at Much like the Priit Mihkelson seminar, this is highly likely to sell out, so sign up sooner rather than later! Chris Haueter’s seminar is followed up by a third and final SBG Portland seminar in July, hosted by John Frankl, BJJ black belt and founder of BJJ in South Korea. Mark your calendars!