Chris Haueter To Attend SBG Spring Camp

Chris Haueter To Attend SBG Spring Camp

Chris Haueter

BJJ Legend Christ Haueter In Portland This Weekend!

By now you are no doubt fully aware that this coming weekend is the 2015 SBG Spring Camp. Whether or not you are going to this record-breaking event, you undoubtedly have marked your calendars – either to makes sure you attend, or to actively mourn the missed opportunity of a life time. But what you may not yet know is that, despite the Spring Camp selling out in record time, SBG continues to add legendary BJJ black belts to its line-up of camp coaches. Last week it was announced that none other than American BJJ pioneer, Chris Haueter will be attending the three day event.

04Who is Chris Haueter?

Articles have been written about this man previously, but his resume bears repeating. Chris Haueter is one of the original ‘dirty dozen’ of BJJ – one of the first twelve non-Brazilian athletes to achieve black belt status. He received his black belt from Rigan Machado in 1996, nearly twenty years ago! He has been at the forefront of jiu jitsu since its arrival in the United States and was influential in its spread across the country and the world. Chris Haueter was the first American black belt to compete at the Mundials, and the first ever to win a black belt match.

Of course, amongst all his pioneering achievements, Chris Haueter is also hugely influential in the creation of SBG itself. Haueter was the coach of Straight Blast Gym founder, Matt Thorton, who received his purple, brown and black belts under him.

04The 2015 SBG Spring Camp

Chris Haueter joins an ever growing list of some 15+ BJJ black belts scheduled to attend the 2015 SBG Spring Camp. The biggest names in the Straight Blast Gym universe are lined-up to coach at the event, with Jon Frankl coming from South Korea, Priit Mihkelson coming from Estonia, and the Singer brothers and Stephen Whittier traveling from the East Coast to grace the mats of SBG’s Portland HQ. Unfortunately, the 2015 Spring Camp is now sold out, having done so in record time prior to the beginning of March. It can come as little surprise, with such a wealth of talent and knowledge coming to Portland, and should serve as a lesson to any procrastinators out there! The 2015 SBG Spring Camp, which has already broken records, is set to be the greatest training camp yet…