Cathal Pendred Retires

Cathal Pendred Retires

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SBG Ireland’s Pendred Announces Retirement from UFC

Last week, SBG Ireland welterweight, Cathal Pendred, announced his retirement from the UFC and professional MMA. At the age of 28, Pendred has decided to step down from competing in MMA to pursue other interests. He stated on Twitter that he has always given 100 percent to what he does, and that: “I now find that my passion is now longer what it was and I feel that it is time for me to move on. I have other interests that I want to pursue.”.

Cathal Pendred leaves the UFC with a record of 4-2, taking six fights in just 15 months with the organization. Cathal put together a four fight win streak, before losing his last two UFC matches. In total, Cathal Pendred amassed an impressive professional career record of 17-4. Pendred’s UFC performances were evidence of his passion and commitment, including tough performances that would’ve seen lesser fighters defeated. None more so than his UFC debut in Dublin, the fight Pendred told the UFC was undoubtedly his MMA career highlight:

It was in Dublin on the night of the clean sweep for my team. Conor was the main event, he won against (Diego) Brandao. Gunni fought, he won. Paddy Holohan was the first fight of the night and he won. And my fight in particular, the first round I was on the bad side of a good old fashioned beatdown, and then I turned it around in the second round and choked out my opponent. I got Fight of the Night honors, Dana White was jumping up and down afterwards in absolute amazement, saying it was the best comeback he had ever seen. Then a few weeks later, it materialized that my opponent had been on PEDs. So not only had I beaten a guy in a weight class above my usual one, I also beat a guy who had been on PEDs. All in all, it was just incredible, and I’ll definitely look back on that being the highlight of my career.”

Pendred has made the decision to retire on his own terms at a time that feels right to him, rather than risk injury making a living in a very tough sport. As for what’s next, Pendred will be looking to start his own business in Dublin. Congratulations on an impressive and inspiring MMA career to Cathal Pendred, and the very best of luck from the whole SBG tribe for all your future endeavors. Thank you for providing all of us with great excitement and inspiration!