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What jiu jitsu competition makes you face

At SBG you will find us raving about our competition results while simultaneously swearing by the idea that we are not a competition school.  Both of these things are true.  At Straight Blast we put an emphasis on enjoying the process of learning jiu jitsu above all else. This is why we have a rule for our coaches, we never ask a student to compete.

However competition does have quite a lot to offer students who are interested in giving it a shot, and SBG has a long history of turning out top notch athletes.

SBG making history world wide

It’s certainly not for everyone.  There is a lot of both mental and physical preparation involved if you plan on doing it the right way.  New concerns come to light when you begin to think about competition. Things that may have never crossed your mind before like-

Weight class – having to maintain a specific weight

Being in front of a crowd – Jiu Jitsu competition will force you to put your skill set at the test in front of friends and family

Pressure to perform –  Feeling like your bjj has to perform to a certain standard

Facing your skill set without an excuse – Not being able to say “They’re a higher Jiu Jitsu belt” or “they just out weigh me by 30lbs”

Each of these things can for the most part be avoided by only training in the gym.  Some people on the other hand seem to thrive on it.  Working hard to get in shape dealing with the pressure.  Going against their direct peers to test themselves. Leah in the video above is a great example of that.  So what are the benefits?

How BJJ competition can benefit you

Josh at the IBJJF Worlds

One of the first things that comes to mind is facing fear. Going out and competing forces people into what is for the most part an uncomfortable situation and forced to face their skill set.  Learning to take on daunting task head on is extremely beneficial for children and even for adults.

Two sbg athletes taking gold in their absolute divisions

Snow balling conditioning. It’s great that Jiu Jitsu can help you get in and stay in good shape. However competition adds a new incentive for conditioning. You now have a reason to lift weights or do cardio as opposed to the monotonous grind that comes with normal gym visits.

Community, this is one of the top reasons to compete.  It’s hard to beat the feeling of support  you get from competing with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team like the one at SBG Portland.  Being able to watch your team mates in the UFC or at the IBJJF worlds with your crew in the gym is a great feeling. Not to mention all of the athletes that compete at that level and have the support of a world wide team behind them.

SBG fostering a welcoming community for over 22 years

What it means to compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with SBG Portland (Your best interest)

BJJ Competition can be tough and dangerous so , with Straight blast our main concern is making sure we have done everything we can to allow our students to –

#1- Remain safe and healthy.

How Rickson Gracie definse Strength

Nothing is more important to us at SBG then our students.  Jiu Jitsu can be dangerous, it involves locking out joints, choke holds, and much more.  Our Jiu Jitsu program has been specifically built to insure that our students learn how to train safely. Competition or not this is extremely important, besides if you get hurt you can’t train and if you can’t train you wont be improving and if you aren’t improving we aren’t doing our job.


#2- Perform to the best of their abilities.

John Diggins at the 5 tournament

Our jiu jitsu or BJJ team is comprised of world class athletes who compete in not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also in Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.  Our athletes are expected to build complete games from all positions.  Our coaches hone in on their weaknesses and help them build on them to become more complete athletes.  Our competition team for BJJ is not only headed up by Oregon’s Original BJJ competition coach but also one of our newest Black Belts who actively competes in competition on a regular basis.  This means that our coaches can not only offer decades of experience but also bring in fresh views on the newest competition techniques and rule sets. We are here to make sure you’re fully informed and know what to expect so that you can succeed.



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