Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gets a new black belt at SBG!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu adds a new black belt to it’s ranks!

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SBG founder Matt Thornton awards his 9th Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt to long time SBG coach Priit Mihkelson.

Priit is an SBG coach from Estonia. He’s been with SBG for over a decade now, and has been teaching fulltime for several years. He is known for a no nonsense, practical approach to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game, as well as a fantastic, scientifically driven teaching style.

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Priit above, with his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, SBG founder Matt Thornton.

Recently Priit has been on a USA and Canada tour, teaching his “unsweepable” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum to SBG’s around North America.

Here is what long time SBG coach Cane Prevost had to say after attending Priit’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop held at the SBG world headquarters in Portland Oregon:

“I want to give a bit shout out to Priit Mihkelson for his seminar on Saturday. I’ve had the good fortune to have attended my share of BJJ seminars. More often than not I leave feeling more confused about BJJ than before the seminar. Most seminar hosts present a buffet style of techniques. Mostly a bunch of random stuff and flashy moves. By the end of the day your head is spinning. Priit does none of that. Instead of teaching a bunch of techniques he took a simple set of 3 basic movements and built a complete game around them. The upside is that anyone can learn the three movements quickly and putting them together the way Priit taught us is an immediate game changer. I knew he had it right when in his black belt ironman I saw 4 different people use the stuff he taught against him that same afternoon. In addition to great BJJ Priit also gave everyone there a master class in coaching. I’m grateful as the benefits of the seminar will be two fold for me. He’s given me some things to immediately improve both my game and my coaching. If you get the chance to train with Priit and learn his unsweepable curriculum take it! It represents everything that SBGi is about- Beautifully delivered fundamentals that work for every body. Thanks Priit!”

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Brazilian Jiu JItsu black belts & SBG coaches Cane Prevost, Travis Davison, Matt Thornton, Priit Mihkelson, John Diggins and Rick Davison.

Priit recently gave an Brazilian Jiu JItsu seminar at SBGi Worl Headquarters, the Portland Academy. His subject was his popular unsweepable series. Here is a brief glimpse into some of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu material Priit taught:

You can see the entire seminar at our Brazilian Jiu JItsu members forum located HERE

You can also schedule private lessons in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Priit at the Portland Academy. For info go HERE

Members of Portland SBG’s Ultimate Athlete/ICC program will be getting personal Brazilian Jiu JIstu instruction from coach Priit for the next month. He will be teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through January at Portland Oregon’s SBG.