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Find Out How You Can Lose Weight, Build Muscle,  Learn Self Defense , And All In The Same Hour.  While Having Fun with Portland Boxing Classes

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SBGi Athletes Jeff Perez and Gunnar Nelson
SBGi Athletes Jeff Perez and Gunnar Nelson

How Everyone Can Benefit From SBGi’s Portland Boxing Classes-

Boxing is one of the most tried and true martial arts in existence.  Boxing places a strong emphasis on solid movement with a strong base allowing you to deliver power at almost any angle, making it a very versatile martial art. SBGi’s Portland Boxing Classes are high energy and paced perfectly for the different body types and goals that our students have.  With the boxing experience that the Portland SBGi can offer you can be sure that you are getting quality professional instruction from experienced boxing coaches.  Not just some traditional martial arts mc dojo that has added “boxing classes” to their schedule.



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Our boxing curriculum draws from our highly trained and experienced coaching staff. This includes but is not limited to Olympic certified boxing coaches, and high level practitioners that have spent time as a sparring partner for Pro boxer Linux Luis.


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What to expect in a SBGi Portland Boxing Class:

In our classes you will learn a solid foundation of fundamentals. Fundamentals are actually the only thing you will find being taught at SBG.  We use this phrase because “basic” implies that there is a advanced version of the technique.   Take the one of the most common techniques you will see in boxing as an example, the Jab.   No matter what level of boxing from bare bones first day training all the way to world title professionals all boxers use the jab.  Calling this technique basic would be misleading and would be a sign of an inexperienced coach.


By coaching only fundamentals (Click Here For: Definition of a fundamental) all of our students can grab onto the technique and concepts in each and every one of our boxing class classes.  Everyone that attends boxing at SBG Portland will learn, grow, and improve in every class Guaranteed!

What’s Portland SBG Boxing Classes Secret To Having Such A Huge Effect On Peoples Fitness?

The success of a fitness goal depends on one thing.  Solid Routine! SBG provides that with a structured schedule and FUN, EXCITING, Classes!

Insuring that you not only have a solid fitness routine, but that you Enjoy your exercise!

(Who honestly gets excited about a treadmill or stair master?)


But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

“As soon as I walked in it was open arms!”


Mike MarshallOne day I walked by looked in the window and walked in. As soon as I walked in it was open arms everyone here has been really great and friendly.  I stay because it’s physically challenging and also intellectually engaging. Every time I leave this place I leave this place I just float out of here happy and worked out. It’s a great experience and I cant see myself anywhere else.

-Micheal Marshall



We provide a unique environment.  SBG is one of the few schools that not only produces world class competitors but also provides a family friendly environment.  SBG exist to bring functional martial arts to everyone.  We do produce great athletes but that isn’t our main focus. 

We Only Mention Competition, Because Producing Successful Competitors Is A Sign Of Good Solid Coaching


Here Are Three Red Flags That You Should Look Out For When Searching For Boxing Classes-


1: The Re-branded Traditional Martial Arts School

These are popping up all over the country. With the success of the UFC traditional martial arts schools are “hopping on the band wagon”.  It’s sad but a lot of people will end up training under inexperienced coaches who don’t have the ability to create competitive athletes.  Simply asking who their competitors are will expose the phony coaches that try and hide behind certificates.


2: The Cardio Boxing Program

As you can tell this man is very excited to be in his cardio boxing class.
As you can tell this man is very excited to be in his cardio boxing class.

These programs can provide the same powerful fitness tool you will find at SBG, FUN!  They can be a blast. The only issue is that you don’t work with partners and you end up missing out on a lot of the learning process, making it only a step away from the dreaded treadmill.  The learning process is what keeps you interested. You will continually have something new to learn and work on at SBG, which is what keeps you from getting bored.




3: Joe 6-Pack MMA Gym (meat heads)

With the popularity of the UFC small MMA gyms are popping up left and right.  It’s important to avoid some of these as they can serve as a magnet for meat head training partners.  You will identify them quickly by spotting that almost all of the members compete (not a good sign for someone just looking to learn).  They will typically have poor win ratios as well.  Avoid these at all cost as it can be a quick road to getting injured as you are repeatedly used as a training dummy.



“I ended up finding so much more!”


Justin LeiI came here looking to learn how to box and I ended up finding so much more. It’s a great work out and you learn how to fight. I stay because the coaches are great and it’s a great work out!

-Justin Lei



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