BJJ Legend Fabio Santos Seminar Coming to Straight Blast Gym!

BJJ Legend Fabio Santos Seminar Coming to Straight Blast Gym!

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Legendary BJJ Practitioner Fabio Santos to give seminar at Straight Blast Gym Portland

In a mere two and a half weeks’ time, SBG Portland has the honor of welcoming Fabio Santos to its gym for a seminar, available to only a limited number of students. On August 23rd, Santos will be gracing the mats of SBG Portland, in an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who get the chance to attend.


04A Brief History of Fabio Santos

Fabio Santos is a seventh degree BJJ coral belt; a black and red belt awarded to that rare fraternity of BJJ masters who have been active black belts for over 30 years. It is an honor held by very few indeed. In his long and distinguished career, Fabio Santos has been World Champion and Pan American Champion on numerous occasions, as well as winning many other black belt Masters championships and super fights. As represented by his coral belt, Fabio Santos brings with him an entire lifetime of BJJ knowledge. Indeed, having started his training at age five, Santos has been practicing BJJ for over fifty years; perhaps twice as long as some Straight Blast Gym students have even been alive!

From his very first days training jiu jitsu, Fabio Santos was in the presence of true BJJ legends, learning first from Grand Master Helio Gracie, then Rolls Gracie, and training and competing alongside other Gracie family members. He was one of a rare few that made up an art still in its infancy. Fabio spent many years training and assisting with coaching under Rolls Gracie and later under Rickson Gracie, who would eventually award his with his black belt.

A few years later, Fabio Santos move to the US, eventually finding his way to training with old partners Royce and Rorion Gracie. He was part of the training team that prepared Royce Gracie for the first ever UFC event. This UFC event saw Royce dominate every competitor he encountered, regardless of size and strength, and changed the future of martial arts forever. Fabio Santos was part of the team that would make Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the household name it is today. Since then, for the past twenty years, Fabio has been running his own BJJ academy in San Diego, CA.

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04Fabio Santos, Matt Thornton & SBG Portland Jiu Jitsu

As is obvious by now, Fabio Santos is undoubtedly one of the most respected jiu jitsu practitioners around. But if that weren’t enough of a reason to be excited about his impending arrival at SBG Portland, Fabio is also significant as he played an instrumental role in the birth of Straight Blast Gym itself. During the earlier years of SBG founder Matt Thornton’s training, Matt met Fabio Santos at something of a crossroads in his martial arts career. Fabio Santos, and later Rickson Gracie, were the men who confirmed to Thornton his suspicion that there was a different, better way to practice and teach martial arts; a way focused on functional training against resistance. Matt went on to take private lessons from Fabio and receive his blue belt from Rickson, before establishing a relationship with his main BJJ coach, Chris Haueter. It was the introduction to this new approach that helped create Matt’s now-famous philosophy known as ‘Aliveness’.


Fabio Santos is a BJJ legend, and an instrumental name in the creation of the ideals held at Straight Blast Gym. He has over fifty years of jiu jitsu knowledge to impart, and he will be giving us all the chance to benefit from it during his seminar at SBG Portland. This is truly an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the greatest jiu jitsu minds around. Do not miss your chance. If you can make it to Portland, sign up today. There are limited spaces and this will sell out fast!