BJJ Legend Coming To Portland

John Frankl Coming to Portland Oregon !

John Frankl in SBG Montana

John Frankl will be coaching a seminar at the Portland Oregon SBGi Early January!

Everyone at the Portland Oregon SBG was thrilled to hear that they will be getting a visit from one of the highest ranked black belts in the organization.  John Frankl’s skills and coaching are legendary and every time he has visited the Portland Oregon sbg it has been a treat!

Most of the coaches of SBGi have been raised up from within the organization.  SBGi’s head coach is extremely particular when it comes to the people that represent his name.  Belts and any coaching titles are held to a high standard.  For the students that started within SBG these standards become common place and almost expected.  For this reason it is much easier for someone to start from scratch then to come into the organization with titles attached to them.

This Is What Makes John Frankl Unique

John Frankl was already a very well established black belt when he met Matt Thornton. John and Matt had made quite the impression on each other. They quickly became friends and Frankl Joined SBG.  Making himself the first black belt to join SBG from outside of the Organization. John Frankl has a amazing set of skills when it comes to martial arts.  His timing and knowledge is almost impossible to match.  John can grapple and spar with world champion athletes who are in their prime and submit them without even breaking a sweat.

Despite his skill and ability John Frankl carries himself humbly and always with a smile.  You would never guess just by meeting him that he has the ability to submit not only most people but most BJJ practitioners at will! He has impeccable timing and the very rare ability of being able to relate his skills, a skill required of SBG coaches makes him not only a tough opponent but a fantastic coach.John Matt and Stephen

John Frankly with SBG Portland's Amanda LoewenThe students of SBG Portland Oregon will get the opportunity to train with him this January.  John Frankl will be hosting a seminar and possible stopping in on a few of the UA classes (Matt’s Sessions for the top SBG Students).  Of course this isn’t the only news, the Oregon Open which is the largest Jiu Jitsu tournament in the state took place this last weekend.


You can expect an update from us shortly as we take a indepth look at the results and see how things panned out for Portland Oregon’s Original Jiu Jitsu Academy SBGi!