BJJ & The American Dream at SBG Montana

BJJ & The American Dream in Montana



Good BJJ News from SBG Montana

It seems rare these days to find a news story that can make us feel positive. In fact, it is a rare treat to find anything but bad news and a bleak outlook in today’s media. I’m not just talking about world news either; ever since the Great Recession of 2008/9, everything I seem to come across, regardless of the medium or the journalist’s stance, seems to tell tale of the crippling debts and immovable unemployment numbers representing the death throes of the American middle class. But in this post-apocalyptic hell-scape that we now all fearfully inhabit, shuffling wearily through life awaiting another crack of the whip from our Wall Street overlords, it is refreshing to find a piece of news that breathes new life into what can be still be achieved with some hard work, and a dedication to what one is truly passionate about. What makes the upcoming news story so special, you ask? Well it is the story of SBGi’s very own Travis Davison and the travails this one man and his dedicated family went through, despite personal and economic turmoil, to make SBG Montana the thriving BJJ gym it is today.


How Hardwork, Dedication & A Little BJJ Paid Off

To summarize the article, Travis had been training BJJ under the tutelage of Matt Thornton at SBG Portland, diving head first into the art, signing up for a life time membership and undertaking the instructor training program alongside his brother. But it wasn’t long before family tragedy struck… and just as things seemed to be working out again, and the Davison’s moved out to Montana, more strife fell upon the family, as the recession all but took away the jobs of both Travis and his wife, Kisa, whose careers were both tied to the now-barren housing market. It is at this point that the story takes a truly inspirational turn. Going out on a limb, and using their combined knowledge of BJJ and yoga, Travis and Kisa started their own business at the height of the recession. Not only did they manage to make it work, but they turned a huge gamble into a flourishing  gym that, some five years on, is ten times the size of when they started out. The doubts and concerns of all around them have since given way to enormous pride, and from reading the article, there can be no doubt that the American Dream is alive and well in Kalispell, Montana.


The SBG Instructor Training Program

The Instructor Training Program at SBG Portland is starting up again this weekend. It gives a great opportunity for BJJ students to be introduced to the other side of a training session, learn how to effectively teach the art, as well as gain a more well-rounded understanding of BJJ. Who knows, perhaps another budding BJJ pioneer is among them, and will carve out their own bright future with the help of SBG.

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