An Amazing Straight Blast Gym Fall Camp – by the Numbers

An Amazing Straight Blast Gym Fall Camp – by the Numbers

Straight Blast Gym Fall Camp



Straight Blast Gym’s Fall Camp – a Huge Success

Last weekend saw the twice yearly SBG camp come home to the Straight Blast Gym HQ in Portland, OR. The two and a half day event was an enormous success, with members of the Straight Blast Gym tribe travelling from far and wide to attend and be a part of magic.


Over 70 Straight Blast Gym members in attendance

Over seventy students and coaches were present at the fall camp. Two and a half intensive days of learning different aspects of BJJ and MMA from a huge number of folks, all at varying skill levels, with different goals. Such a huge melting pot of talents and ideas can only result in mutual benefit for all involved.

SBG Black Belts

13 Straight Blast Gym black belts

The SBG Fall Camp saw a total of thirteen BJJ black belts take to the mats, in both a teaching and student capacity. Such a wealth of knowledge and experience is near unprecedented. Among those black belts were athletes with literally decades of BJJ experience, not just between them, but on their own. None more so than BJJ legend and ‘grandfather of SBG’ Chris Haueter. Chris was one of the original ‘dirty dozen’ twelve American BJJ black belts, SBG founder Matt Thornton’s coach, and accounted for eighteen years of black belt experience alone.


3 New Straight Blast Gym Black Belts

This year’s Straight Blast Gym Fall Camp also saw the awarding of three brand new black belts in the SBG tribe. Amanda Diggins, Leah Taylor and Ray Price were all promoted from brown to black at the end of a long, day of intensive training on Saturday. SBG’s impeccably high standards for promotion mean these three individuals have achieved something truly incredible. To receive their black belts, however, they would have to go through something truly incredible, regardless…


2 hours of SBG Iron Man Tradition

The Iron Man belt promotion is, along with the Fall Camp, one of SBG’s oldest traditions. It requires the student receiving the promotion to roll to submission with every other team mate in attendance. This is not only a great test of endurance and sheer BJJ ability, but representative of something more; the important role that all team mates play in the success and progression of each member of the tribe. To read more about the SBG Iron Man, click here. Amanda, Leah and Price were subject to an Iron Man for the ages. As previously mentioned, over seventy students were in attendance at the fall camp, and therefore, each of the promoted would need to roll with all 70+ people! The event went on for over two hours, building to an emotional climate as years of dedication and hard work were rewarded. Check out the highlights in this awesome video from SBG Coach Cane Prevost. Congratulations to all three students on their promotion!

black belt

2 Oregon BJJ Pioneers

The awarding of black belts to both Amanda Diggins and Leah Taylor represents a first for Oregon, for they are the first women to achieve this status in the state’s history. Both women train and coach students at the Straight Blast Gym headquarters in Portland, OR. Congratulations to both women on an amazing achievement!

There is little doubt that this year’s fall camp surpassed all expectations. If you missed it, you missed out! Don’t make the same mistake come spring time, when Straight Blast Gym’s Spring Camp rolls around!

Thanks to Erin Tharp Photography for the photos