Aisling Daly to Face Randa Markos at UFC 186

Aisling Daly to Face Randa Markos at UFC 186

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SBG Ireland’s Daly has opponent changed for UFC PPV This Month

Last week it was announced that SBG Ireland’s Aisling Daly will be facing fellow The Ultimate Fighter contestant Randa Markos at the UFC 186 event in Canada later this month. The announcement came after Aisling Daly’s previous contest against Claudia Gadelha scheduled for next week was cancelled due to injury. Gadelha is currently ranked number two in the UFC’s fledgling women’s strawweight division, and so the originally scheduled fight represented a number one contender contest for Daly. Aisling Daly has not been shy when it comes to expressing her disappointment, acknowledging that the new match-up against Markos does little to enhance her current resume, or position in the UFC rankings, should she pick up a victory. Daly’s initial plan to defeat Claudia Gadelha before going on to compete for the title later in 2015 will have to be put on hold, and Daly sees her fight this month as just one extra fight:

“It’ll end up being an extra fight along the road. They need a title contender, so the fight against Randa – a win against Randa doesn’t do much for me in terms of title contention.”

04Aisling Daly Confident Ahead Of Fight

Having trained on the same team as Randa Markos during The Ultimate Fighter, Aisling Daly feels confident that her new opponent offers little in terms of areas for concern:

“I’m feeling super confident in this fight, to be honest… Obviously, Randa was a teammate on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and I got to train with her a lot. To be honest, in training I was just better than her in every range. I know I have that going for me going into the fight. She’s tough, she has good heart, but you’ll never beat the Irish on heart.”

The change of opponent, and moving the fight back a couple of weeks, has done little to fluster Daly, whose training program has seen little alteration. Daly stated that she rarely spends much time planning for a specific opponent, preferring instead to focus on her own strengths and evolving her own game. While the match-up may not be ideal for Aisling Daly, the team at SBG will be excited to see her stepping into the Octagon for the second time on her road to an eventual shot at the strawweight title. Here’s to Aisling picking up another victory to add to the list, a prospect Daly is more that confident of:

“I’m just being super confident in this one. You’re going to see another win.”