Four Belt Promotions At Iron Man Last Week

Four Belt Promotions At Iron Man Last Week

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2 Purple Belts, 2 Blue Belts & A 90 Minute Iron Man

Last week saw another epic Iron Man take place at SBGi’s Portland HQ, with two blue belts being promoted to purple belt, and two white belts being promoted to blue. The event saw SBGi continue its classic iron man tradition that has been the gauntlet students have had to run to earn their belt promotions for near twenty years. All the attending students line up by rank, and the student selected for promotion is called to the middle. That student then proceeds to roll with every other person present, from the white belts all the way to black belts, without a break, before being presented with their new belt. The event is not merely a test of strength and stamina. That, after all, would be contrary to what makes a student worthy of such an honor, instead its main purpose is a focus on both the students ability to display their technique over an extended period, while the team celebrates the promoted students success – itself a result of teamwork by all members of the tribe over months and years.

04Last week’s SBGi Iron Man

Last week saw the promotions of Tim Irving and Nathon Cintala West’e Melbourne from white to blue belt, and Brian Walsh and Joshua Smith from blue belt to purple. Both Brian Walsh and Joshua Smith have been a huge influence on the SBGi Portland tribe. Brian Walsh having been integral in stand up coaching, while Joshua Smith has been running early morning take-down classes. SBGi founder and Head Coach Matt Thornton had this to say about the athletes promoted:

Coach Brian Walsh has been an integral part of SBG headquarters for years. It was an honor to award him his well deserved purple this evening.

Joshua Smith is one skilled and tough athlete, and over the last couple years his Jiu-Jitsu has grown to match his wrestling, making him an awesome training partner for everyone. Congratulations on the purple.

Nathon Cintala West’e Melbourne, aka: Bird, has made one of the biggest leaps in skill I’ve ever seen over the last year. The only word I can think of is impressive. Well done on your new blue!

And Tim Irving has always been good, but not always so relaxed. Now he’s both – making him a great guy to have on your mat. Well done Tim.

Very proud of all these guys. It’s a community effort always. All the black belts, and all the members here help each other grow and excel.

Well done

Congratulations to all four of the tribe members for their success. As always, all four were no less than their respective years of effort and dedication deserved.