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sbg logoExperience some of the world’s most effective Martial Arts

Would you like to learn how to fight smart,

and, get in the best shape of your life while doing it?

Then You Need Oregon’s Original & Most Prestigious School

With Over 22 Years Of Experience!

Established in 1992

Matt and Randy

The training at Straight Blast Gym has been instrumental in my preparation for reality fighting in the UFC. Matt’s expertise in stand-up and ground fighting techniques have helped me win the Ultimate Fighting Championships.”

~ Randy Couture(UFC Legend!)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Fitness and Self Defense, Yoga AND MORE!

The Original Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ & MMA school in Portland.

With the highest ranking BJJ black belts in the State!

(We have FIVE world class BJJ black belts on site!).

If you are looking to train with world class coaches and talented athletes that are also really nice people, then you are looking to train with us.

And to help you get started SBG Portland has an exclusive TRIPLE offer.

We are so confident that YOU WILL LOVE our programs, our COMMUNITY, and our WORLD RENOWNED coaching staff that…

we will let you try it for 45 DAYS FREE


I decided to take up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 41. I am glad I found SBG and started out the right way.Training at SBG is fun, and it gives you a GREAT workout without ever being boring. Nice people, awesome coaches, great place, I love it. And I lost 30lbs since I started training! Try it out, you won’t regret it.”

Casey Clubb

* (Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.)

Interested in getting into better shape?

You’ll get into kick-butt shape – and FAST (many of the world’s strongest and best-conditioned athletes are MMA fighters – we’ll show you how they do it)

You’ll develop “functional lean muscles” not bulky do-nothing muscles (you’ll become a lean, mean, fighting machine and get even STRONGER than you were before)

We know you’ll love the program, so not only will we let you try it for 45 DAYS FREE, but, we are so convinced that you will discover what our members already know, that nobody can offer you the value that SBGi does, we do something absolutely unheard of in our industry.

We will give you your money back

Our exclusive SBG ‘TRIPLE’ promise!


#2 A full 45 DAYS of FREE training

#3 A gift package WORTH $200. Yours to KEEP

That’s right, try out our programs for two months and if you decide after doing so, for any reason at all, that it is not for you, we will…


2-You get to keep the FREE training gear package worth $200.00

3-Plus, you can try it all out for the first 45 DAYS absolutely FREE

Don’t just take our word for it, hear for yourself what UFC Legend Randy Couture had to say about training at SBG, and it’s head coach Matt Thornton:

“Here’s PROOF That SBG Is The Top Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ, MMA & Functional Martial Arts Academy In The State of Oregon that you’ll want to be part of”bbmag

You’re about to get concrete proof of why we’re so good at what we do… not to mention you can put our programs to the test for 45 days absolutely FREE! 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ , MMA , Self Defense , Boxing , Kick Boxing and Muay Thai

Head Coach, Master Instructor & SBGi Founder Matt Thornton featured in the July 2010 issue of Black Belt Magazine. The world’s largest selling Martial Arts publication.

How can we be so confident in our programs?

Because we’ve been in business in Portland for over twenty two years

We produced the founding members of Portland MMA scene and we produced the State of Oregon’s first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ black belts.

In short, we are fantastic at what we do!

And what we do is bring all those years of experience forward so we can help people just like you accomplish their own goals as it relates to functional, fun, safe, and healthy training. Our motto is:

“SBGi, we change lives.”

And we mean it. Let me tell you why we say that.Matt Thornton BJJ coach in Portland oregon


At SBG you will learn the #1 secret to making Martial Arts training work for you.

This is a secret so old, that trainers and athletes all over the world have used it for thousands of years; so revolutionary, that it’s been almost forgotten by the majority of martial arts on the planet; and so simple, that it will produce results for you regardless of your background!

What kind of results?

Real results that relate directly to your own personal goals, whether it is getting in better shape, learning to defend yourself, competition, or simply having fun & you’ll experience the mental and physical “rush” that comes with proper BJJ & MMA training (not only is it exciting, but it’s a whole lot of FUN too!)

“SBGi, we change lives.”

While others were copying outdated tradition, SBGi founder Matt Thornton was busy diligently creating the optimum environment for people to thrive in.

How so?

Like a scientist in the laboratory, for the last twenty years Matt has been tweaking and fine tuning the SBGi curriculum. Boiling down what works to its core, fundamental principles; and developing a set of training methods so effective, that he has been asked to travel literally all across the earth to teach them. Using these methods anyone can achieve their full potential. And that means you.


“I have flown Matt Thornton to the other side of the world in order to have him bring his skills, and coaching methods of the Straight Blast Gym to my home of Reunion Island. I cannot give a better example of how beneficial I believe his training programs are then that!”

Daniel Duby(Kickboxing legend & Savate expert)

Who uses SBG created methods?

People across the planet! Matt has taught all over the world, from metropolitan locations like London, NYC, Paris, Munich, Dublin, Singapore, Manchster UK, Bangkok, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, to more obscure locations like Reunion Island, Cape Town South Africa, Seoul Korea, the Seychelles and Iceland; to name but a few.bb2


Head Coach Matt Thornton, featured in the 2001 issue of Black Belt magazine.The world’s largest selling Martial arts journal.

Looking for effective self-defense?

Matt’s first set of instructional videos were a worldwide best seller, and they were voted among the TOP 5 self-defense videos of ALL TIME by Black Belt Magazine!

Forrest Griffen

Pictured above: World Renowned UFC Fighter Forrest Griffen.

Forrest received his BJJ purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from SBG Portland Master Instructor Matt Thornton

Here is what Expert UFC Coach & trainer to Forrest Griffen, Adam Singer, had to say about training with Matt Thornton & The Portland SBG Academy:

Here is what Martial Arts video reviews said about Matt’s work:

“If you believe that there has been an evolutionary development in the martial arts over the last few decades, from Bruce Lee to the Gracies to the all-round fighters of today, then you will want to see these tapes. If you have to sell your body to medical science or your sister to an Arab oil sheik, buy these tapes!”

People all across planet pay thousands of dollars a weekend to learn from Matt the secrets to success that are taught daily here in the Portland Gym; the World Headquarters for SBG International.

Five of Matt's BJJ Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts here in Portland

At this point you might be asking….

What started this revolution in Functional Martial Arts training?

One word, Aliveness!

pete-150x150I had black belts in multiple Martial Arts prior to running across Matt Thornton’s Aliveness training concepts. Once I realized the truth behind the Aliveness Idea, it completely changed how I viewed the Martial Arts. I also feel that the Aliveness principle has application in other fields of education, and particularly critical thinking skills. At the age of 45 I train actively at the Portland SBG.The training is fun, healthy, injury free, keeps me in shape, and has benefited me in many ways. I can’t recommend the facility enough.

Dr. Peter Boghossian(professor of philosophy at PSU)


Some gyms may take a rough, unscientific, meat head approach to training Martial Arts.

At those places you may end up feeling like nothing more than cannon fodder. We’ve seen people with years of training from those types of gyms who still lack even the most fundamental of skills. That is not the place for you.

Or, as often happens in traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ academies, you will get Instructors who strut around the mat offering up fake Portuguese accents, and very poor teaching methods; all the while trying to make up for their unprofessional coaching by constantly referring back to their pedigree (what in Martial Arts is called ‘lineage’) .

That is not what SBG is about.

Though SBG founder Matt Thornton has the pedigree of a Master Instructor and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Professor (in fact he is the highest ranking BJJ Instructor in the State of Oregon);starting with the ultimate Master himself, Rickson Gracie (considered the greatest BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master of all time), and continuing on with the pioneers of BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts MMA in America, coaches like Chris Haueter, one of the first Americans to ever receive a BJJ black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the legendary Randy Couture (who trained for several years on the SBG mats), and other giants of our sport; it isn’t who Matt knows, or who he has trained with that makes SBG special.

What makes SBG completely unique is this. . .

The science behind the innovative training methods we use

And that is what will directly benefit you, the student, more than anything else.

That’s what allows us to have 45 year old professors, 53 year old attorneys, 22 year old MMA fighters, and Oregon’s most succesful Brazilian Jiu Jitwsu BJJ competition team bar none!*

*(Keep reading & we will give you the stats to prove this claim)

Everyone, regardless of experience, athleticism, or lack thereof, will find the instruction at SBG Portland to be offered in a healthy, safe, intelligent way; a training process which allows everyone to go home injury free, and that much better for being in class; each and every single day.

The Coaching and teaching methods behind the science of Aliveness are famous worldwide.

You’ll learn a mixed martial arts fighting system with an organized curriculum that takes the “guess work” out of learning.

Things like the“I” method (a process which allows anyone, no matter how new to the sport, to train effectively on day one), the 5 types of drills (specific skill development formats that will help take your game to a whole new level), and the empirical approach the coaching staff, which includes multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ black belts, use, are what makes SBG your ultimate advantage!

It isn’t just World Champion athletes, and coaches

that enjoy the type of curriculum and training Matt Thornton & The Portland SBG Academy offer.

It is people from all walks of life.

Listen to what best selling author and public intellectual Sam Harris had to say on the topic after watching Matt’s recent DVD set on Brazilian Jiu JItsu BJJ guard passing:



Matt Thornton is one of the clearest BJJ instructors I have come across. He uses his considerable talents to teach the fundamentals!”

Sam Harris, author of numerous New York Times bestsellers

At the Portland Academy we bring are 21 plus years of experience to you, with a curriculum unmatched in its detail, and thoughtfulness:

1 – You’ll learn the basic fundamental principles and techniques you need to have in order to improve as quickly as possible

2 – You’ll be in a safe, structured environment – safety is our #1 concern – so you won’t have to worry about getting injured

3 – You’ll be able to work at a pace that’s right for you so that you can personally absorb and retain all the information you learn

4 – You’ll be taught by professional instructors who are trained to “build you up” as a student

Pictured Above, SBG Founder & Master Instructor Matt Thornton, Oregon’s FIRST EVER home grown Mundials Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ World Champion SBG Portland’s Leah Taylor, and SBG VP Travis Davison.

5- You’ll be trained by champions (*World Champions, not just local competitors!*)

6- You will learn physical and mental preparation for life, the street, or the fight cage

7- You’ll be taught by trainers can not only fight well but more importantly, they will train YOU properly to ensure you get the most out of ourBrazilian jiu jitsu  BJJ & MMA program and become a complete fighter

8- You’ll work out in a positive atmosphere where you are treated with RESPECT.

9- You’ll get help from our professional, courteous staff (we don’t try to intimidate people or show how “tough” we are; we don’t need to; it isn’t about our “ego” anyway – it’s about what we can do for YOU and how we can build you up into the best shape of your life while learning how to use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, or fight MMA in the process)

Remember when we said above that we were Oregon’s best BJJ Brazilian jiu jitsu competition Team, bar none; here are some more facts:

Oregon Open (the largest BJJ Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament in the NW).

In 2011 Team SBG, which is composed of just two academies, SBG Portland, and SBG Montana which is run by SBG Portland’s first home grown Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ black belt Travis Davision, came within a few points of taking first place. This despite the fact that another local team threw together more than half a dozen gyms under one banner, and entered at least 40 more competitors more than SBG did. Still, by % nobody came close to our medal tally that year. But that wasn’t enough for us, which is why in 2012 we entered with twice the amount of our Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors as 2011 and almost 75% of what our competition did.

The result?

SBGi completely dominated. Team SBGi won 87 Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ medals, for a team total of 363 points!

This year nobody even came close to SBGi, with the second place team being more than 100 points behind us!

Here are the medal totals: 28 GOLDS, 26 SILVERS, 33 BRONZE, with many divisions having both gold and silver competitors that were Team SBG.

One more unusual thing about the team’s performance. Since there isn’t enough competition for our female competitors, after taking gold in the respective divisions they entered the men’s bracket, and then took home some more medals!


Coach Amanda Loewen, GOLD women’s purple, SILVER MEN’S purple!

Coach Leah Taylor, GOLD women’s super heavyweight (her competitor was over 100 lbs heavier than her), and BRONZE men’s no-gi!

Other performances: Coach John Diggins: GOLD brown belt, GOLD no-gi advanced, GOLD absolute. Coach Chris Stearns: SILVER brown belt, losing via gentleman’s agreement to team mate John Diggins. Hamilton Ash: GOLD purple belt.

And on and on it goes, full listing and results can be found here:




If you want to try out Portland’s Original Brazilian jiu jitsu and most Prestigious academy, you can, for 45 DAYS FREE, but, we are so convinced that you will discover what our members already know, that nobody can offer you the value that SBGi Portland does, we do something absolutely unheard of in our industry.

We will give you your money back.

Here is what to do:

Call NOW:


10- You’ll experience the passion, excitement, team spirit and pride at our school by being a member of our team (whether you want to compete or not. We NEVER push competition on anyone, at SBG its totally up to you)

11- You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work in a real fight (and you’ll be surprised at what you find out)

12- You’ll discover how to quickly take out an opponent on the feet or on the ground (Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ &MMA are about being able to control the fight situation whether you’re on the feet or on the ground)

13- You will get stronger, tougher, more endurance and stamina (you won’t get tired), and on top of that, you’ll look and feel a whole lot better

14- You’ll get exceptional service in all areas. (If you have a question about anything at all, we will answer it. If you have any problems, we’ll solve them. If you need help, we will help you. We are 100% committed to your personal development as a client and athlete.)

15- You’ll learn our systematic training method for creating Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ World Champions (and even our students who don’t want to fight can rest assured they would do very well if they did)

16- You will have coaches and instructors who CARE about you and your success (we guarantee that no other school in the area has more caring and passionate instructors)

17- You’ll get to train in a state-of-the-art facility:

Full size fight cage. Train in the ring and in the cage just like the pro fighters do.

Heavy bags and speed bags.

Over 5000 square feet of mat space

Strength and conditioning equipment

+ much more

Want more proof as to just how beneficial our clients find training here to be?

Hear what Richard one of our BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students  had to say about his experience here: